White Gives an Age of Elegance

When it is time to decorate a room with ideas those at Remodel within Reach thinks you ought to consider using white, but what shade of white is truly a personal choice.

Here are some suggestions:
• Modern white is the crispest white and easily defines a space
• Romantic whites are grey based and give a faraway, delicate presence to walls
• Blush white gives an incredible vigour to a room
• Antique white provides a sunny presence to many rooms especially those who have north facing windows
• Pure white looks new and crisp

There are two key ideas to remember when decorating with white. The first idea is to concentrate on using a variety of textures so use a variety of textures to hold the attention of a viewer. The second idea is to decide what you do not want white. Against the white these things will really stand out so make sure that is the look that you want. If you choose to use wallpaper then try to find a white on white wallpaper to give an elegant. Those wallpapers featuring a white on white damask or floral pattern will add sophistication. If you choose to use paint consider using vertical or horizontal stripes within the same white family. Try painting a matte background and stencilling on a different white pattern such as damask.

The use of white will give an age of elegance look to any room. Remodel within Reach reminds you that less is more so the room should contain very few additional items. To read more on the theme of “Less is More”, click here.


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