Simplicity Is Key

These days, less is more. The internet has created a culture of simplicity. More and more the simple and concise nature of digital shopping is having an effect on real world design. Remodel Within Reach is a concept of simplicity where reaching your customers in their preferred method is key to attracting business.

One of the old rules used to be to go flashy. Bright colors jumping out to grab you was a core advertising policy. Now people don’t want to look at your store they want to see your products. There are two ways to do this. The first is to focus on simplicity. Abandon your colorful pallet and dive into the wide world of white. With a buffet of variables on white you will not be limited in your paint choice but having a blank white tone will draw the attention back to the product and away from your walls. The other key to this is to literally remodel within reach of your customers. Often times stores crowd their displays with furniture, statues and pottery. All this unnecessary clutter will only frustrate your clientele from discerning what you are selling and what is for show.

If you can manage to paint a clean slate with a stunning white back drop you will succeed in creating a clean and focused canvas for your business. If you remove the clutter you will also remove the confusion that comes with it. And if you can make both of these things happen you will have succeeded in creating a concise and simple product to offer your customers.


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