The Importance Of Proper Lighting

Putting together a room in your home is tough work. It’s not just about finding the right kind of furniture, pictures and accessories for your room, it’s about making everything similar enough to match a particular theme. You want it to not just look good for the guests that come to your home, but also feel comfortable for you to live in. Heck, what good is having a good looking room if you don’t feel comfortable sitting in it? With that in mind, putting together a room doesn’t stop with pictures and furniture, it also extends to having the right kind of light in a room.

kitchen lighting
It doesn’t matter how nice your room is, if you don’t have the right kind of light in it it can kill any “theme” you are trying to put into a room. You put too much light in a room, it feels like you are sitting in an operating room with white sterile lights. Too little light? Suddenly your sitting and reading in a cave. The key is not just to have the right kind of light for a room, but also have the right placement of the light fixtures. Even if a certain lamp looks better on the other side of the room, if it does not give good light from there then what good is having the lamp out in the first place?

When it comes down to it, you want to make sure that you have the most amount of natural light coming in during the day, and the best lighting possible for your room when the sun goes down.


Going Green in the Kitchen

Going green isn’t only the best way to help the environment; it also can save you money. Many people are trying to make their house more energy efficient, but often times neglect the kitchen because they don’t realize the myriad of options available to them.

The biggest energy user in the kitchen is the refrigerator. One surefire way to lessen your refrigerators thirst for energy is to buy a smaller one. If your refrigerator is not being filled up it is wasting energy cooling off the empty space. A smaller refrigerator that is packed to the brim will use less energy. Also, the type you buy can make a difference. Energy Star models use 10 to 50 percent less energy than comparable models.

Beyond appliances, your counter tops can become environmentally friendly too. All the energy used to mine the rocks for most traditional counter tops could be saved if you buy a recycled countertop. There are manufacturers that make countertops in an assortment of different colors by mixing recycled glass and concrete. These countertops are both stylish and unique.

Finally, your stove can be a horrible energy waster. When your coil stove heats up it not only cooks your food, but transfers heat energy to everything around it. If you use an induction stove, you can save a lot of energy by only transferring heat to your pot or pan on top.

Going green in the kitchen isn’t always easy to do, but it is rewarding in many ways. With these options, you can green up your kitchen easily.

White Gives an Age of Elegance

When it is time to decorate a room with ideas those at Remodel within Reach thinks you ought to consider using white, but what shade of white is truly a personal choice.

Here are some suggestions:
• Modern white is the crispest white and easily defines a space
• Romantic whites are grey based and give a faraway, delicate presence to walls
• Blush white gives an incredible vigour to a room
• Antique white provides a sunny presence to many rooms especially those who have north facing windows
• Pure white looks new and crisp

There are two key ideas to remember when decorating with white. The first idea is to concentrate on using a variety of textures so use a variety of textures to hold the attention of a viewer. The second idea is to decide what you do not want white. Against the white these things will really stand out so make sure that is the look that you want. If you choose to use wallpaper then try to find a white on white wallpaper to give an elegant. Those wallpapers featuring a white on white damask or floral pattern will add sophistication. If you choose to use paint consider using vertical or horizontal stripes within the same white family. Try painting a matte background and stencilling on a different white pattern such as damask.

The use of white will give an age of elegance look to any room. Remodel within Reach reminds you that less is more so the room should contain very few additional items. To read more on the theme of “Less is More”, click here.

Simplicity Is Key

These days, less is more. The internet has created a culture of simplicity. More and more the simple and concise nature of digital shopping is having an effect on real world design. Remodel Within Reach is a concept of simplicity where reaching your customers in their preferred method is key to attracting business.

One of the old rules used to be to go flashy. Bright colors jumping out to grab you was a core advertising policy. Now people don’t want to look at your store they want to see your products. There are two ways to do this. The first is to focus on simplicity. Abandon your colorful pallet and dive into the wide world of white. With a buffet of variables on white you will not be limited in your paint choice but having a blank white tone will draw the attention back to the product and away from your walls. The other key to this is to literally remodel within reach of your customers. Often times stores crowd their displays with furniture, statues and pottery. All this unnecessary clutter will only frustrate your clientele from discerning what you are selling and what is for show.

If you can manage to paint a clean slate with a stunning white back drop you will succeed in creating a clean and focused canvas for your business. If you remove the clutter you will also remove the confusion that comes with it. And if you can make both of these things happen you will have succeeded in creating a concise and simple product to offer your customers.

Trends in White-Colored Kitchens

Elegance of the white color never goes out of fashion and the use of this color in any space while remodeling, your house can look trendy. White-Colored Kitchens can give a contemporary feel and suit all kind of design trends that you wish to implement in the kitchen. The color can be matched or contrasted with any hue or shade and this makes it easy to experiment with various colors in a white kitchen, during Kitchen remodeling.

Like any other city in America, New York City also has many reputed home improvement companies that allow you to choose from a wide variety of kitchen cabinets, countertops, kitchen appliances and other kitchen accessories in white, to decorate your kitchen. In addition to this, white cabinets lend a neat and stylish appearance.

You can select the intricate detailing in the cabinets and other components of your White- Colored kitchens, after taking into consideration the colors of your flooring or tiles, prior to remodeling your kitchen. Adding a few bright elements like green plants in the kitchen and bright colored jars, cups, stands or vessels on the counter top will create a wonderful contrast. To add to the total effect, you can hang pictures of sceneries, kids, unique designs and family outings, on the walls.

The airy feel of the white kitchens can be accentuated by decorating them with accessories that are trendy and stylish. You can even try out asymmetrical and symmetrical kitchen designs along with different geometrical lines for kitchen remodeling, in your White-Colored Kitchens.

ON PAINT: “Any Color…as Long as it’s Black” (Part I)

Green and Company sent us:

Paint, one of the most inexpensive and important elements of design, was not one of Henry Ford’s favorite interests. In his reference to all cars being painted black, Ford wanted to maintain an identity, a branding if you will, for the automobile he created.

As homeowners, we have a vast array of choices, black among them. In fact, New Yorkers are famous for loving black in their apparel and accessories. But other than on pieces of furniture and the occasional granite counter top, black is not a favorite wall option, albeit it’s strong and powerful design statement in the home.

Color is probably the easiest variable to change. The first thing a new homeowner does, if they are not renovating or building, is to paint. And, while it can be an expensive line item, with skim coating and preparation, it usually fits quite comfortably within the client’s budget, however small. Paint can change the look of a room from formal to casual, from serious to whimsical, from mature to youthful. It is part of the magic that an interior designer manifests in creating a room’s appearance.

Paint can define spaces, create distinct areas without having to build walls. It can also create interest in its placement, moving the observer’s eye from one wall to another. It can create a mood, an ambience, a style. For instance, were all the walls in a room painted stark (decorator’s) white, it would evoke a spare, minimalist feeling. Were the space painted dark green, one would gather it more suitable for a library or club. And, if a room were colored with pink and blue stripes, most probably it would be a nursery. In addition, colors change with the light of day or night, so that a sofa looking periwinkle blue when in the sun, may very well appear lavender in the shade. So, yes, color does define by intention, by subtlety, by design. As the Benjamin Moore company notes: “Paint color is a most powerful decorating tool. What color to choose? What sheen for trims, for ceiling for walls? There are important decisions to make in selecting paint and so its best to confer with a professional designer who has the experience and knows exactly what works best.”

Choosing the right color is oftentimes difficult. The small chip you get at the store parlays into something completely different on the wall at home. Having had a client who chose not to use a professional’s expertise in selecting a color, she chose a pink that, when applied to her dining room wall, ended up looking like a bordello! It all has to do with the amount of reflectivity a color emits. Plus, color expands and deepens from chip to wall. So, if you are choosing a green that has a lot of black in it, it absorbs the light, whereas a lime green might evoke the opposite effect.

What should be taken into account is the finish level. A flat finish will absorb the light, yet shows less imperfections. Thus, it is a perfect choice for the ceiling. Walls usually require an eggshell finish, that is more easily cleanable. And, woodwork most commonly requires a satin finish, easy to maintain.

A Little About Who We Are and What We Accomplish

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